Market Recap Crude Palm Oil Forecast Jan 2020

Market recap Crude Palm Oil Futures (FCPO) for January 2020 as follow. All dates are given on January 1, 2020. The results are below:

Given that the dates in protected membership site before the market move:

31 DEC 2019 – HIGH
10 JAN 2020 – LOW
16 JAN 2020 – HIGH
22 JAN 2020 – LOW
31 JAN 2020 – HIGH


We personally not expect all the turn will invert polarity.

All the given dates are turned corrrectly BUT with the ‘upside down’ polarity. i.e. whenever we forecast as HIGH, FCPO unfolded as LOW and vice versa.

This is truly possible if the market have long non-trading days. The logic behind this is, the market will halt during weekend and public holiday. But cycle never stop regardless the weekend or holiday.

In other words, there are ‘extra’ turn that happen during long holiday + weekend cause the polarity invert (high to low and low to high).

Anyway, this is unavoidable in some market that have long holiday like FCPO.


After the counter stop, I will close access!

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