Market Recap Crude Oil Futures Feb 15, 2020

Crude Oil Futures forecast for February 2020 has been given inside private forecast membership. The forecast date until end of February 2020 was given on Feb 1, 2020. i.e. all the dates are given one month in advance.

As of today, I will reveal the passed forecast dates. For full forecast dates, please subscribe to private forecast membership at the following link:

04 FEB 2020  LOW
7-10 FEB 2020  HIGH
12 FEB 2020  LOW


As of today, all the dates are impacted with the market phenomena which W.D. Gann call it the ‘Loss Motion’. Loss motion is the condition where the market price moves ahead of time.

In other words, price moves slightly beyond the target price on the forecast date. For example, we can see the forecast date for HIGH on Feb 7, 2020 . But seems like the market moved beyond the target price on Feb 6, 2020 and make the bar on Feb 6 is higher than bar on Feb 7. This is what we call loss motion.

It is normal to have loss motion and also ONE day off which the LOW happened on Feb 11, 2020. A day early from a forecasted date. Loss motion? yep, it moves slightly lower than the next bar.

But overall, it is trade-able and still profitable in the long run.