Know Your Market HIGH and LOW in Advance

How about if I tell you when your market will make high or low in advance so that you can plan your trade and no longer glue in front of the computer screen?

I am providing a Forecast Service for whatever trading instrument you trade

What is Forecast in Advance?

To make sure I walk the talk, I have made forecast for some market. Most important is before the market make a move.

Average Trader Dilemma

I  understand not all trader have time to work on market analysis

I  understand not all trader skill to forecast the market

I  understand not all trader have time to learn how to forecast market

I Help You To Forecast Your Market, So That

You can continue doing whatever you like

No need to staring on the chart every time

Simply just set your alarm on calendar, and get ready to entry on specific date

That’s all! Interesting huh?

Dates Are Given In Advance

What do you mean by ‘IN ADVANCE’?

I will do the forecast, and all the possible reversal dates are given a month in advance

Just a month? Well you can request for two month. Up to you

For example, if today is January 14th, I will give you all the possible reversal date throughout the month of January until February 14th.

If you request for two month, of course until March 14th.

To add the sweet, we give the HIGH and LOW direction as well.

Do You Forecast Previously?

Of course my friend. 

I hate cheap talking. Please find some of the recap of my previous forecast.

All forecast date given in advance. 

And see how the market unfold. 

Err.. Who Are You?

Oh hai, my name is Faiz Sulaiman.

You can call me Faiz. I am casual trader just like any other trader in the world.

Just that I know “the time” in trading. 

I believe you are familiar with Funded Trader Program from Topstep Trader.

Incase you are not, here the link.

To be honest, I have trial and error with this program more than 7 times and failed.

Until I found trading with “the time”, I have passed the simulation test and successfully get funded.

After all this, I never ever ever trade without time.


Okay, so you are trying to sell me the online course?

Of course not. 

I am here just to offer my help with little reciprocity.

I have the skill to forecast market. I know you have no time to learn. No time to do the homework.

I have skill to do it for you.

How it works?

1. Decide one (1) market you want me to forecast for you

2. Decided how long you want me to do the forecast for you. 1 month or 2 month?

3. Send me some fees

4. I will deliver the forecast straight to your email inbox within 5 working days or less.

This is my offer

No complicated price structure. Up to you my friend. 

Oh, don’t worry this is NOT recurring payment. 

Next month if you want more forecast, you can do it again here. Simple right?

Forecast 1 Month

I will help to forecast a month in advance

$ 150
for 1 month forecast date
  • HIGH & LOW of your chosen market
  • Forecast for 1 Month in advance
  • Any market with chart

Forecast 2 MONTH

I will help to forecast 2 month in advance
$ 225 SAVE $75
  • HIGH & LOW of your chosen market
  • Forecast for 2 Month in advance
  • Any market with chart


All forecast will be given to you a month in advance. There are some error tolerance required i.e. 1 or 2 days. 

For example let say today is May 1st and I forecast the market will make HIGH on May 6th. So the HIGH can be on May 4th, May 5th, May 6th, May 7th or May 8th. But usually it will not take more than 1 day.

Me? I personally trade Futures Grain and Energy like Crude and Bean Oil

I can help to forecast any market for you. Futures, Forex, Indexes, or Stock. Just let me know what is the market, the code and I will do it for your. For example

Soybean Oil Futures (ZL)
E-Mini S&P (ES)

I will let you know and give you 100% refund.

In average about 5 working days for 1 instrument.